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Missing doco for new server settings


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      There appears to be some new options in the server.properties file of Bedrock Dedicated Server that have a small summary below the options in the server.properties file but no further documentation in the how_to on whether the options have been implemented and what they are intended to address.

      I tried switching the settings around on my server and noticed no discernible difference.

      The settings are as follows:


      1. Determines the smallest size of raw network payload to compress
      2. Allowed values: 0-65535


      1. Enables server authoritative movement. If true, the server will replay local user input on
      2. the server and send down corrections when the client's position doesn't match the server's.
      3. Corrections will only happen if correct-player-movement is set to true.


      1. The number of incongruent time intervals needed before abnormal behavior is reported.
      2. Disabled by server-authoritative-movement.


      1. The difference between server and client positions that needs to be exceeded before abnormal behavior is detected.
      2. Disabled by server-authoritative-movement.


      1. The duration of time the server and client positions can be out of sync (as defined by player-movement-distance-threshold)
      2. before the abnormal movement score is incremented. This value is defined in milliseconds.
      3. Disabled by server-authoritative-movement.


      1. If true, the client position will get corrected to the server position if the movement score exceeds the threshold.

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