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Missing debug symbols from Linux BDS 1.17.0



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    • 1.17.10
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      The linux version of the bedrock dedicated server for 1.17.0 now lacks debug symbols, which were instrumental in allowing 3rd party servers softwares such as nukkit, pocketmine, and even BDS modloaders to develop. Essentially now, the removal of linux debug symbols may kill off entire BDS modding communities for linux, and at the very least make 3rd party server development much more difficult. 

      The reason I am making a bug report about this and not a suggestion for its reimplementation is that mojang gave server owners no word about this upcoming change, and with no foreseeable reason. Additionally, why would mojang include it for the windows release, but not linux? It seems pointless to remove one and not the other. It is still unclear whether this change was intentional or not, but many people including myself hope it was just a release mistake.

      Mojang has shown a tendency ever since 2019 to remove more and more debug information from public releases. While doing this for the client is debatable, as I said above there is no viable reason for this being done in the bedrock dedicated server. Hacked clients will not cease to exist! First, runtime type information (RTTI) was removed in 1.16.100, now symbols entirely. Mojang needs to consider all the communities and server developers out there when they remove this information from the server. Custom bedrock server development cannot thrive if all mojang wants to do is make it harder and harder for others to learn from how the vanilla server operates.

      I will not be posting any screenshots of decompiled code as evidence because that is likely not in Mojang's interest. Mojang developers working on BDS should be aware of the fact of the debug symbols' absence in linux. The best evidence I can provide now is a tweet by the lead PocketMine developer confirming it




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